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Archbishop Romero. Murdered in El Salvador.  See his testimonial letter to the Pope on the occasion of Josemaria Escriva's death.
Welcome to Opus Dei Blogs!

Last year, the movie "There Be Dragons," by Roland Joffee, was released around the world. The film centers on the early years of St. Josemaria Escriva, the founder of Opus Dei.  What kind of a priest was St. Josemaria?  The movie attempts to reveal Escriva's human and spiritual persona while dramatizing his search for God, the founding of Opus Dei, and the battle of forgiveness and redemption during the Spanish Civil War period.

Information and misinformation about Opus Dei abounds. Just recall how the Da Vinci Code catapulted Opus Dei into a new orbit with its "historical" account of Opus Dei. This website is an attempt to address the institution itself through the testimonials of people connected with it or influenced by it.

Opus Dei Blogs is an unofficial website and informative resource for families, clergy, colleagues and friends of Opus Dei members, and anyone else interested in knowing more about this organization and how it works.  It contains links to blogs, websites, podcasts, testimonies and articles on Opus Dei.  This site was launched on April 29, 2006 and continues to grow in content.

You won't find Mel Gibson in the lineup, but you will find information on people who know about Opus Dei first hand:  Michael Pakaluk, an Evangelical convert, asks whether Opus Dei is redundant.  Peg Bruer, a former member, talks about being in and out of Opus Dei.  Of great interest is a post by Jenny Driver, a former Buddhist enthusiast and now a medical doctor, who speaks of Opus Dei helping her understand the Christian meaning of work as prayer.

Candid and open testimonials by members, former members and clergy will be of special interest to our visitors.  Here you will not find any anonymous contributions.  This website offers only real voices from real people. 

By pointing you to new voices and individuals around the world who have known Opus Dei personally, you will have the chance to hear and communicate directly with them.  We hope their commentaries and stories provide context and give perspective to those who seek to understand Opus Dei.

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